Sonshine Preschool

Walk-a-Thon on Saturday, October 11th 8:30 - 10:30 am

Fall Fun Night on Friday, October 31st from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. Your family is welcome to come in Halloween costumes. Games and treats.


It is the mission of Rose Of Sharon Sonshine Preschool to freely share the salvation and love of our Savior Jesus Christ with children and their families.

We believe that each child is a special and unique creation of God. Our goal is to instill within each child an assurance that she/he is a lovable and capable child of God. This goal is accomplished through a loving and caring Christian environment that is centered on the child. This type of educational setting invites independent and group learning through exploration and investigation.

We believe that play is an integral part of every child’s healthy growth and development. To deprive a child of play is to deprive him/her of the most important learning tool he/she possesses. Play is vital for the appropriate development of the spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and intellectual skills of the child. Play allows children to explore different parts of the curriculum through their own initiated free choice. Each child’s zest for learning is accentuated through free exploration and hands on experiences. Children find pleasure and excitement through play which encourages enthusiasm for learning both now and in the future.

We believe that the parents are the first and foremost teachers of their child. Our aim is to enhance and compliment the development the parents have already started to construct within their child. Our ministry seeks to support the home as the primary means of learning.


Mission and Philosophy Statements

“Let the little children come to me.”  Mark 10:14

Rose of Sharon Sonshine Preschool

6875 Jamaica Avenue S,

Cottage Grove, MN  55016

Liz Perryman, Director and Teacher

(651) 459-4526

See Directions page for location on map.

2014-15 School Year

Class Sessions

4 and 5 Year Old Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Children must be 4 by September 1, 2014

3 Year Old Classes

Tuesday and Thursday          9:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Children must be 3 by September 1, 2014 and have up-to-date immunization/physical records. Children must be toilet trained.


2 days/week  $100 per month

3 days/week  $135 per month

Plus Extended Hours

We now offer additional optional hours for working parents meeting the needs of today’s busy families.  Parents may register their child for the extended days that their child attends Sonshine Preschool.

After preschool with 2:00 p.m. pick up for $15/day

After preschool with 4:00 p.m. pick up for $25/day

Today I am a child.

My work is playing.

This is how I prepare for tomorrow.

Our Program Features

  1. Loving Christian atmosphere

  2. Staff qualified in Early Childhood Education

  3. Teacher aide which provides a 1:10 teacher to student ratio

  4. Licensed by Minnesota Department of Human Services

  5. Reviewed annually by the Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency

  6. Developmentally appropriate activities in all areas of the curriculum:

  7. Bible Stories/religious concepts

  8. Creative art and expression

  9. Music skills

  10. Cognitive skills (letters, colors, shapes, numbers)

  11. Language development

  12. Small muscle development

  13. Large muscle development

  14. Field trips for 4 year old classes

  15. Special days (Carmel Apple Social, Spring Art Fair and Potluck, Graduation Services)

  16. Community Service Projects

  17. Singing for Worship Services at Rose of Sharon

  18. Family Fun Walk-A-Thon

  19. St. Jude's Trike-A-Thon

  20. Sonshine Preschool Christmas Program

  21. Two Parent/Teacher conferences during the school year

  22. Newsletter and calendar for each month to keep parents informed

  23. Parent Resource Center (books, videos, take-home activities)

Enrollment Procedure

  1. 1.Fill out an application form and return to the preschool office with the registration fee.

  2. 2.Fill out immunization form and health care summary. These forms must be submitted before a child is admitted to preschool.

  3. 3.Completely fill out two (2) emergency cards and any other paperwork that is required.

  4. 4.Read and sign the tuition contract. Once a child is enrolled in the program, it is expected that the child stays enrolled throughout the entire school year.

Parents are responsible for providing transportation of their child.

Sonshine Preschool admits students of any race, color, ethnic or racial origin.


Registration Fee:  $50.00 for non-members, $30 for current Rose of Sharon members.

Payment of registration fee secures a place for your child and is non-refundable.
Materials Fees: $65.00 for 2 day, $75 for 3 day

I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand.

Sonshine Preschool Plus Extended Hours

The philosophy, education, guidance and nurturing that Sonshine Preschool provides is now extended.  We now offer additional optional hours for working parents meeting the needs of today’s busy families.  Parents may register their child for the extended days that their child attends Sonshine Preschool.  A child may enroll for fewer but not more than his/her preschool class sessions.

After preschool with 2:00 p.m. pick up for $15/day

After preschool with 4:00 p.m. pick up for $25/day

Children must bring their own bag lunch that meets USDA requirements.  The Preschool will provide milk for lunch and an afternoon snack. A quiet time is required for all children.  Parents will choose their child’s quiet period appropriate to the developmental level of the child. Payment for care is due the first of every month.  Days of care or pick up times can change with a two week written notice.