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Trinity Lutheran Church of Hawthorne


In 1988 when the sanctuary interior was refurbished, three new stained glass windows were added.  Below you will find pictures of each of these new windows and a brief discription of what each window represents.  We hope you enjoy them. 

The descending dove of the Holy Spirit represents his decent upon all mankind continuing from Pentecost. Pentecost is shown by the abstraction of flames in the dove. The rainbow around the dove is included to depict the fruits of the spirit and the dove returning to the arc bring Noah the olive branch.
The Trinity is shown by symbols of the equal sided triangle and three equal crowns. The rays coming out represent the glory of God.
The Word is shown by the open Bible below with the gold markers, one with the Cross for the New Testament and one with the Star of David for the Old Testament. In the center we see the chalice for communion and the Last Supper flanked by grapes and wheat. Above we see the descending dove of the Holy Spirit and eschallop shell with water flowing downward for the graceful cleansing of baptism.

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