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Date and Title File
Fourth Sunday After Advent - Found with Child? 12/23/07
Midweek Advent Message - Living in the Future 12/19/07
Third Sunday after Advent - Should We Look For Another 12/16/07
Second Sunday in Advent - From a Dead Stump Not Available
First Sunday in Advent - Wake Up And Get Dressed Not Available
Last Sunday of the Church Year - The First Not Available
Twentieth-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost - The Last Day 11/18/07
Twentieth-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost - The Persistence of God 11/11/07
All Saints' Day - We Are 11/04/07
Mission Festival - Guarding the Gospel (Vicar Matthew Schneider) 10/28/07
Twentieth-First Sunday after Pentecost - Struggling with God Not Available
Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost - Soldier of Jesus 10/14/07
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost - 12 Words to Change the Church 10/07/07
Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost - The Rich Man and Lazarus 9/30/07
Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost - Making Friends 9/23/07
Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost - Valuing the Lost 9/16/07
Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost - It Just Tastes Good Not Available
Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost - Under Fire 9/2/07
Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost - Narrow and Open 8/26/07
Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost - False Prophets 8/19/07
Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost - Look at the stars Not Available
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost - The Most Toys 8/05/07
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost - A Weed? 7/29/07
Eighth Sunday after Pentecost - To Serve or Not To Serve 7/22/07
Seventh Sunday after Pentecost - Elders Read Sermon Not Available
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost - Restoring with Gentleness 7/08/07
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost - I Will, With the Help of God 7/01/07
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost - Clean and Unclean 6/24/07
Third Sunday after Pentecost - Right with God 6/17/07
VBS Program Not Available
Trinity Sunday - Who do you make yourself out to be? 6/03/07
Pentecost - Anteaters and Sheep Not Available
Easter 7 - I am praying for you! 5/20/07
Easter 6 - Guest Pastor Not Available
Easter 5 - In Between Not Available
Easter 4 - Easter Sheep 4/29/07
Easter 3 - Who is Worthy? 4/22/07
Easter 2 - Standing and Sending Not Available
Easter Sunday - Death our Foe 4/08/07
Good Friday - Worth One Jesus 3/21/07
Maundy Thursday- Exposed Toes 3/21/07
Palm Sunday - Going After The World 3/21/07
Midweek Five - The Significance of Baptism Not Available
Lent Five - Rubbish or Righteousness 3/25/07
Midweek Four - The Power of Baptism 3/21/07
Lent Four - Jesus Sinners Both Receive 3/18/07
Midweek Three - The Blessings of Baptism 3/14/07
Lent Three- Why Would you Die Not Available
Midweek Two - The Nature of Baptism 3/07/07
Lent Two - Truth that Stings 3/04/07
Midweek One - Lent and Baptism 2/28/07
Lent One - Four Temptations 2/25/07
Ash Wednesday - Hearts not Clothes 2/21/07
Last Sunday After Epiphany - Our Transfiguration 2/18/07
Sixth Sunday After Epiphany - Unity 2/4/07

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