Week Starting with Jamuary 31, 2010

PASTOR will be on vacation after service today . He and his family will be in Kansas City seeing his parents who have just moved there after retiring. He will be back Thursday morning.

BAPTIZED INTO CHRIST yesterday was Luke Elden Butler. He is the son of James Axtell and Lacy Butler. He was born November 20, 2009 Salina, KS. His sponsor was Brittany Butler and witnesses to his baptism were Katie Ranker and Joe Ranker.

SYLVAN GROVE’S pancake day is February 14 from 11:130am to 7pm. You are invited to join them.

ELDERS will meet a week from Tuesday (the 9th) in the school basement at 7pm.

  • Pray! Please pray for those in harm’s way, who have lost loved ones, homes, and livelihoods. Please pray that Lutheran disaster response efforts touch many lives with God’s hope and mercy. Pray that the majority of Haitian people will turn from Voodoo to trusting Jesus alone. Pray for Children’s Christian Concern Society schools located in the area.

  • Connect! To learn more, visit www.lcms.org/worldrelief.

  • Give! Donations are urgently needed! Your gifts will allow disaster response efforts in Haiti.

    Mail checks to LCMS World Relief and Human Care, noting “Haiti Earthquake Relief” to:
    LCMS World Relief and Human Care
    P.O. Box 66861
    St. Louis MO 63166-6861

    Phone toll-free 888-930-4438

    Online at http://givenowlcms.org

    Thrivent members can have each $2 they give matched with $1 from Thrivent by going to https://www.thrivent.com/helpinghaiti/index.html

(All ideas are listed . No judgment on the wisdom of any idea has been made.)

  • Work on lax church attendance / Get Delinquents back into church
  • Bring a singing group to our church for a concert.
  • Get the youth group more active.
  • Read out of more understandable translation of the bible in church.
  • Commit to building an office and bathrooms onto the church.
  • Have a Picnic! (this was mentioned twice)
  • Install Chair Lift in schoolhouse
  • Have more quiet before service to allow all to prepare for worship
  • Start church at 10am year round.
  • Sing more hymns—not just familiar ones
  • Have our choir sing more
  • Go back to the old hymnal and use of “thee” and “thou”
  • Begin a Saturday or Sunday evening service.
  • Have Children’s Sermon every week
  • Consider Individual Cups for Communion
NOW WHAT? You cared enough to write these ideas down. Now are you ready to help bring them into to a place where their wisdom can be discussed? Ready to get working on ones that are obviously wise to all? Pick one idea that is important to you and get a group together to talk about it. Bring it to the attention of the proper church officers. Talk to Pastor. Let’s turn the wise ideas above into reality.