Pastor Hoppe has been at St. Paul's since June 8th, 2003. Pastor is married to his wife, Jaimee, and they have two sons, Gideon and Josiah and two daugthers, Olivia and Ella. Pastor grew up in Alva, Oklahoma and Shawnee, Kansas.

Below are sermons preached in the Calendar year 2008.

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Date and Title File
Christmas Day - Drawing Names 12/25/08
4th Sunday in Advent - Life Begins at Conception 12/21/08
Advent Midweek Service 3 - Joshua - Picture of the Coming One 12/17/08
3rd Sunday in Advent - Wholly Completely Holy 12/14/08
Advent Midweek Service 2 - Jonah - Picture of the Coming One 12/10/08
2nd Sunday in Advent - Get You Up 12/07/08
Advent Midweek Service 1 - Joseph - Picture of the Coming One 12/03/08
1st Sunday in Advent - Stay Awake 11/30/08
Thanksgiving Day - Entitled or Blessed? 11/27/08
Mission Festival - Evangelism in Reverse 11/23/08
Last Sunday of the Church Year - Son of Man, Shepherd, and King 11/16/08
26th Sunday After Pentecost - Day of Darkness 11/09/08
All Saints Day (Celebrated) - We Are 11/02/08
Reformation Sunday - The Beauty of Freedom 10/26/08
23rd Sunday after Pentecost - Caesar and God 10/19/08
22nd Sunday after Pentecost - Storms of Worry 10/12/08
21st Sunday after Pentecost - The Perfect Vineyard 10/05/08
20th Sunday after Pentecost - The Yes Man 9/28/08
19th Sunday after Pentecost - A Good Job 9/21/08
18th Sunday after Pentecost - The Record of Sin 9/14/08
17th Sunday after Pentecost - Love of Neighbor Not Available
16th Sunday after Pentecost - Laundry List 8/31/08
15th Sunday after Pentecost - Wet Clay 8/24/08
14th Sunday after Pentecost - The Perfect Prayer 8/17/08
13th Sunday after Pentecost - God's Rebuke of the Proud 8/10/08
12th Sunday after Pentecost - Body and Soul 8/03/08
11th Sunday after Pentecost - For You 7/27/08
10th Sunday after Pentecost - The Wheat and the Tares N/A
9th Sunday after Pentecost - The Parable of the Ellsworth Farmer N/A
8th Sunday after Pentecost - The Yoke of Jesus 7/06/08
7th Sunday after Pentecost - Prophets of Peace 6/29/08
6th Sunday after Pentecost - It is enough 6/22/08
3rd Sunday after Pentecost - Pass the Baton 6/01/08
2nd Sunday after Pentecost - Consider the Birds 5/25/08
Trinity Sunday - Triune Life 5/18/08
Palm Sunday - Promises Kept 3/16/08
Fifth Sunday in Lent - Minds Set on The Spirit 3/09/08
Fourth Sunday in Lent - Sight for the Blind 3/02/08
Third Sunday in Lent - Water for the Weary 2/24/08
Second Sunday in Lent - Real Life 2/17/08
First Sunday in Lent - Real Death 2/10/08
Transfiguration Sunday - Foretastes of Glory 2/03/08
3rd Sunday after Epiphany - All These Churches 1/27/08
2nd Sunday after Epiphany - Who is that? Not Available
Baptism of our Lord - It makes salvation 1/13/08
Epiphany /Adult Education Sunday - Chewing on God's Word 1/06/08

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